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As a pioneer in personal development I am gradually becoming more aware of all the thoughts and processes that influences my mind and body. Small thoughts or actions that can have a great impact in how I feel, how I perceive the world around me, makes me more aware that I have to understand new forms of logic and intelligence by learning new ways and methods how I should optimally communicate with myself.

This also means unlearning skills that I have learned over the past years in order to fully embrace the new ‘me’ that I am able and aware to become in each moment.
By calibrating thoughts and emotions each day and organizing my mind and emotion has resulted in me becoming aware of my control to create powerful moments.

Experiencing Powerful Moments
One of the realizations I have been experiencing lately, is that I am beginning to understand  that I am never completely aware of the full potential in each moment and that it is my responsibility to explore these possibilities in each and every moment that I am given to pursue my expedition in personal development. I noticed that moments pass by and i am flying on automatic pilot. These moments are by old redundant habits which prevent me from getting the best out of the moment but they can be pushed and experienced in a wider scale.

I became aware that I can influence and change my wellbeing, power and the potential in each moment that I experience or share with others by preparing myself with the right mindset. Similar to preparing to a match or a competition, but without the intent to win, merely to give and receive more.

Key Elements to create and experience Powerful Moments
You need to become aware that you are in control of each moment with your complete body, mind and soul, this  is the first step and it’s a difficult one, this will make you understand what your state of mind in this particular moment could be, which thoughts motivate you the most, how your body language speaks and causes impact on others and what your emotional state is that influences your thoughts and others around you.

No fear to overcome the unknown
Communicating with the intention to create trust rather then to look for trust. No fear to overcome what is unknown to us and willing to share all you can be in the moment with others. Feeling that you can speak freely and share abundance without the notion you are losing something. Being able to give without feeling this you want something in return. Daring to step into the unknown and be all you can be in the moment, daring to express the most of yourself and being aware you are in control of changing this.

Re-energize and loading yourself up for presentation
Being aware of the fact that it is impossible to experience every split second as a powerful moment we need time to regenerate our energy level and over think our experiences for peace of mind, taking the time to balance the experiences into the right thoughts and values to build your mindset up for the next powerful experience is there for as important.

What you give is what you receive
Trusting that the emotions you share will be returned and having the strength to handle the gift with respect and care. Seeing how they might affect you in near the future can already affect your openness in the present moment.

Not acting out of fear, but in courage instead, giving and sharing without hesitation of doubt and having trust that the love and energy you give will be returned in some way or another. Trust in this principle: by giving to the world, the world returns some of that kindness back, it will return in some place or time and it's not related directly to the specific person you gave it to, because it is about you and how you perceive yourself. You are a person with faith in giving and knowing that although that is a reward in itself, more good will come your way.

What are Powerful Moments
In summery : To be present, aware and focused in the moment, full of energy to create and share a powerful moment that you can experience with others. As of late I’m realizing this state of mind where you can be present in the moment if you are aware that you can be, if you are aware you can be this change.
It's the way we think to plan our moments we want to give and share in most common situations we are using the overlapping time to perform as we have learned in school. We feel like we have achieved when we have completed or endured a certain amount of time, when the time is over it's completed and we are rewarded. Because of this mindset we are communicating and rewarding ourselves related to overlapping time and the performance we deliver in between these hours.

Because we are used to this it is difficult to experience every moment in it's full potential because the powerful moments are always after the time framework or they happen spontaneously somewhere in between this span of time without us focusing only on a specific moments which happen all the time around us.

You can compare this with preparing for a match or exam once in while, what if everything you do each day feels like an exam, and you would increase the numbers of exams each day to experience more powerful moments! 
We all know how intense an exam, match or performance is and how much more we are aware in this moment. How would your day be, if more and more moments in even the slightest actions would have this great impact on your mind and body of awareness and focus?

Start experiencing more!
My next blog will be about how to prepare and achieve this with a couple of simple steps and rituals that you can easily apply to your life!

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